Pack List For Idaho Hot Springs

Item Used Necessary Notes
TentxxNecessity depends on who you ask.
Sleeping BagxxNecessity depends on who you ask.
ThermarestxxNecessity depends on who you ask.
3 Water BottlesxxLost one on the second day and had to buy another in Stanley.
Item Used Necessary Notes
Extra Chamoisx
Extra Shortsx
Extra Shirtx
2 Extra Socksx
Long Sleeve Shirtxx
Swim Shortsx
Flip FlopsxNot necessary, but highly suggested.
Rain Jacketxx
Item Used Necessary Notes
Rear Lightxx
HeadlampxxStrapped to front of bike while riding.
First Aid Kitxx
BookNever read. Regret taking such a large, unused item.
Pen & Notepadx
PhonexOnly used as a camera and compass. Very little service the entire time.
Phone Chargerx
Iodine TabsxAs backup.
Bear SprayxxUsed in a sense of security. Never discharged.
Chamois Cream
Toilet PaperxxNecessity depends on who you ask?
Bug RepellentLabel adhesive melted and got over everything. Regret taking this. Ended up dumping it.
MapsxxOnly necessary due to lack of GPS. Would recommend a preplanned GPS path over the ACA maps I came with.
Extra Shoe Laces
ChapstickxNot necessary, but highly suggested.
Nail Clippers
RopexBrought to hang food bag from bears. Only used for that purpose once. May not be necessary, but came in extremely handy in bag repairs.
LighterxNecessary only in extreme emergencies.
Extra BatteriesxxFor everything that took them. Steripen needed replacing after Day 4.
Spot Trackerxx
Item Used Necessary Notes
Gatorade Powderx
Coffee Powderx
Various Foodstuffxx
Bike Repair
Item Used Necessary Notes
2 Extra Tubesx
Extra Chainx
Chain Oilxx
LockxDidn't feel like I ever really needed it.
Extra Cleats
Tire Leversx
Patch Kitx
Cleaning Towelx
Duct Tape
Electric Tape
Zip Ties
Wish List
Item Reason
CameraToo many missed opportunities when there wasn't enough time or I was too lazy to get the phone out and turn it on.
Full Finger GlovesMy open finger gloves weren't enough on colder mornings.
GPS DeviceThe maps didn't cut it most of the time, although they provided a different experience. Maybe a combination of both? The phone's battery life wouldn't cut it in this regard.